Dry Mango

The dried slices are light brown with a rough surface. Ripe mango slices are also dried and are orange brown. Amchur powder is finely ground but with a slightly fibrous texture. It is beige in color.

Bouquet: Sour-sweet, warm and slightly resinous

Flavor: Slightly sweet and acidic.

Botanical Name: Mangifera indica

This spice is native to South and South-¬east Asia. Wild mango trees are known only from North-East India and Burma, and so it appears plaus¬ible that the species evolved there.
Uses of Dry Mango Powder
• It is generally used as a condiment for flavouring
• It can augment the flavour in non-vegetarian dishes.
• You can gain the most out of its flavour by adding it while marinating.
• It has a sour taste and hence can be used instead of tamarind

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