Commonly known as ajwain in many parts of the world, particularly in its native, India, carom seeds are actually the fruits of its herb. Despite not being seeds, the small fruit is easily mistaken for one, considering its diminutive size. The tiny brown fruits are oval in shape and have a rather bitter taste, which is why they are rarely eaten raw. However, there is no danger in doing so, particularly if you are using them for various medicinal purposes.
Ajwain is used in culinary applications across Asia and the Middle East and is often found in international cooking.

Benefits of Ajwain include improved health of skin and hair, weight loss, stronger immune system and reduced inflammation. It is also beneficial in stimulating digestive & respiratory health.

Botanical Name Family:Trachyspermum ammi

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Ajwain Seeds are used as a spice. It is occasionally an ingredient of curry powder. Ajwain is native to India but is also cultivated in Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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